Monday, January 20, 2014

Basin Electric Develops Alternative Transmission Routes

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In November, Basin Electric Cooperative spoke about a new transmission line that would cross through the Killdeer Mountain area. 
Now, the energy company has come up with two alternative routes but each would still cross through Killdeer. Basin's preferred route would go from the Antelope Valley station in Beulah to a substation in Williston, then north to a substation in Tioga. However, it would make a loop near the Killdeer Mountains.

"That also has a new additional 78 some miles. We're calling the North Killdeer loop, and that additional loop in addition with the originally proposed number gives us some system redundancy and even security against something that might happen like a weather related event," says Curt Pearson, Basin Electric.
The U.S. Forest service, The Western Area Power Administration and Rural Utilities service all have to approve the project separately.