Friday, August 23, 2013

New power substation is an insult

Letter: New power substation is an insult

Posted on 23 August 2013 by admin
Editor: As a fourth generation Killdeer Mountain land owner, I want to call attention to the Public Service Commission’s 9:30 a.m. hearing on Sept. 4 at the City Hall regarding the Basin Electric Power Cooperative proposal to construct of a new transmission line and substation near Gumbo Creek north of Killdeer.  
Posted August 23, 2013
A poorly rendered map can be seen in the Aug. 16 Herald.
A review of the detailed maps available at the Public Service Commission website clearly shows that the newly proposed substation would be constructed on Section 31 of Township 146, Range 95 which is within the boundary of the Killdeer Mountain Battlefield as identified by the National Park Service in its 2010 survey of the historic area.
The Cooperative thus is adding insult to injury in not only constructing its lines within the battlefield’s boundaries, but adding this 12 acre substation!
My great-grandmother, Susan Veigel, and grandfather, Walter R. Veigel, the original surveyor of this area, acquired their properties along the Gap Road because of their beauty and abundant resources.
I understand that the continuing degradation by oil development is driven by the need for resource access.  The location of power transmission facilities is not.
I urge all those interested in preserving the integrity, beauty, and history of the Killdeer Mountains and its viewscape to attend the meeting and voice their objections to this plan and the Commission’s request to accelerate the approval process.