Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Oil Drilling in the Killdeer Mountains

Oil Drilling in the Killdeer Mountains | Video

Jennifer Joas | 2/20/2013 

There are more than 8,000 wells drilling out oil in western North Dakota. But the proposal to put even more wells near the Killdeer Mountains has struck a cord with local landowners.

Loren Jepson appeared at an Industrial Commission meeting in January to speak in opposition to the proposed drilling. He, along with several others, were in favor of Hess drilling a three mile long lateral to reach the minerals.

The commission voted to approve the drilling. But since then he`s filed a petition for reconsideration by the Industrial Commission. In his petition he brought up several reasons for opposing the drilling, but the state says its too late.

"This was another issue that was no raised at the hearing in any way shape or form. So I don`t believe that established any grounds for reconsideration or re-hearing either," said Assistant Attorney General Hope Hogan.

The commission voted to deny his petition for reconsideration.